After reviewing the metal opus known as "All I See Is War", I decided that at some point that I would step out of my element to review non-Sevendust music, as I'm always expanding my horizons.

However, with many other things occurring in my career, I've been unable to review non-Sevendust music. That is until this review, which focuses on the Papa Roach album "Getting Away With Murder".

Released on August 31, 2004 as the band's fourth album, Getting Away With Murder became a shift to a more traditional metal album, due to lead singer Jacoby Shaddix wanting a change from the nu metal style that was notable on their first three albums. 

Of course, I didn't listen to any of their first three albums, so I won't be able to say if their departure from nu metal to more traditional metal was a good move or not.

However, I will review each song on this album and I will review them in their exact order via the bullet points below:

  • Blood-It's the perfect song to set the tone for this album.
  • Not Listening-It's the perfect song to follow Blood.
  • Stop Looking, Start Seeing-It's perfect for the third song on this album, it's perfect as a motivational song and I love its lyrics throughout.
  • Take Me-The lyrics are heartfelt, along with being a perfect bridge between Stop Looking, Start Seeing and...
  • Getting Away With Murder-Musically, it's the hardest sounding song by far on this album. It's also my favorite song on this album. And finally, it sounds similar to the Sevendust song "Black", due to the tempo of the guitar riffs and percussion combined with Shaddix's cadence.
  • Be Free-It proved to be more than capable as the song to follow Getting Away With Murder.
  • Done With You and Scars-I'm lumping them both into this bullet point area, due to sole fact that they are both heartfelt songs.
  • Sometimes-It has the right mix of being both hard-sounding and soft-sounding.
  • Blanket Of Fear-Shaddix's cadence is similar to Lajon Witherspoon's cadence. And sound-wise, it sounds like a Sevendust song throughout.
  • Tyranny Of Normality-It sounds like another Sevendust song for the same reasons as Blanket Of Fear.
  • Do Or Die-At times, it sounds similar to a Sevendust song. And while it is a good closing song for this album, I didn't like the "yeah" in the outro of it.

    In summary, if you're a Papa Roach fan that somehow forgot to listen to this album or you're a fan of music (particularly metal) looking to listen to something different for a change, then I definitely recommend this album, despite the outro of the aforementioned Do Or Die.

  Well everyone, that's it for this edition of A Dusty's Perspective. Tune into the next entry to see what my next non-Sevendust review will be.

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